TATZ Creative Media is an independent multimedia and marketing service which provides for your business promotional needs, such as graphic design, videography, photography, professional portfolio development and online presence SEO management.  We specialize on building foundations and architecture for your online businesses from scratch to live system.

Marketing Analysis

The current market is evolving at a rapid pace, now more than ever. If a business delivers but isn’t able to present itself to new customers or clients, then this is where that business will get stuck at with no motion forward. It is as simple as opening up a bit to new possibilities by going the online path. Analog work such as flyers and ads are still there, but people have become too overcrowded with physical “stuff”. So we are all racing forward inside a virtual world with no harm done to the environment.

Data is the thing of the future, may it be SEO analysis, visual branding of a business, understanding what and where the fish are, it is in everyone’s interest to see, act and expand. TATZ Creative Media offers a vast variety of different approaches on handling the task of business branding while adding artistic value to the cause. You provide the vision, we provide the solution.

Branding Strategy
Marketing Design


Asset Projects

Our major task at TATZ is to build and maintain income producing projects for clients. This incorporates the startup phase, in which we create a concise and coherent business plan, which will then be implemented in a low maintenance system. We are interested in the sustainable growth of digital assets so that the client can lay back and enjoy their low capital digital investment generate a regular income. Come to us to realize your ideas!

Ecommerce Systems

Having built several online shops, from simple to more complex systems, we are confident in creating a new platform for your clientele to acquire your products.  We offer an all in one package, from server hosting, to building the ecommerce platform itself, to optimizing it for todays market. We offer it all. Get ready to have your business prosper as it grows online.

WebDevelopment – Listings – Product Photography

Various Platforms

Besides Ecommerce, there are various other types of online platforms which a client might need. May it be a company website, service boards, job boards, advanced advertising systems or simply informational websites that incorporate the latest digital technical knowhow.

Digital Community Boards – Advertisement systems – UI & UX for Apps

Full Scale Marketing

Understanding the market direction is one thing, acting upon it and seizing the opportunity is another. We pride ourselves in being on top of our game to spot, analyze and act on the latest trends and use them to come up with feasible plans. Knowing your market is the cornerstone of understanding if a project’s direction is worth it on the long run, or if the project will only be a short-term success.

Market Research – Data Analysis – Finding Viable Solutions

Brand Development

After more than a decade of experience in this field, we offer all solutions on making a brand great. From logo design, to banners, posters, flyers, business cards on a digital or printed medium, we have no limits on what can or cannot be done. The idea behind brand development is to make a business stand out from the others and give it social value. This also includes a very strong social media presence, with regular and engaging content management, to other stunts that increase visibility.

Social Media Content Management – Digital & Print Media Design – Creative Strategies

Audio Visual

We also offer creative services, such as 2D/3D infographic videos, music composition & rendering from solo to mini orchestra, filming and photography, general informercials, music videos, social media content clips, mini-documentaries, retail semi-static screen content, 3D architecture & modeling, stock/event/model photography and much much more.


Christopher Tatzreither

Christopher Georg Tatzreither

Creative Director

Christopher Georg Tatzreither, Viennese by birth , but Cape Townian by heart, is the creative director and founder of TATZ. After absolving his school career at the Deutsche Internationale Schule Kapstadt, he set about pursuing his passion for the visual arts at the Cape Town media school, City Varsity, where he majored in film production techniques, producing and script writing. 2012 he put these plans on hold to help build the family owned alpaca-breeding business, based in Swartland, where he still resides. Over the years, he established himself as an event photographer (CT-Photography) and set up AlpakaTech, a local IT repair business.

In 2013 Christopher received an award for Best Infomercial Animation for Global Load Control, a Lufthansa subsidiary company for aviation services. In 2014, he worked with AgriWorks, Western Cape's largest agricultural expo as a graphic designer, videographer and photographer. A year later, in 2015, he supplied services in 3D architecture design, general graphic design and promotional filmmaking, to the St. Johannes Heim, a large German based retirement village in Cape Town.

2018 was a brand new beginning with the formation of TATZ Creative Media. A new angle of marketing has been tackled in the modern environment, which helps clients to build their brands professionally and in time.

Languages: German, English, Afrikaans


Sabine Jahnke

Copywriter, Editor, Market Research

Sabine Jahnke is a qualified English and German Teacher and has a BA in English and Psychology from the University of Pretoria. In the past she has taught both children and adults, using her passion for language and people in the field of education. Having grown up in Windhoek and Pretoria she has learned to love Southern Africa, with all its diversity and commonality. Her interest in different cultures and people is the reason she now uses her skills at LTC Cape town, teaching English and German to locals and foreigners alike.

In her free time Sabine assists us in keeping our language clean and correct. She sometimes even throws in some outrageous slogans to sweeten the deal. If you like German bluntness, mixed with a bit of English courtesy and Afrikaans good humour, you will definitely enjoy the ride.

Ps: Je parle un peux français, mais n’est pas bien. Translation: 6 years of school French has only taught me to say ‘I can’t really speak French’ in French. So take my bio with a pinch of salt, as every good potjie should be.

Languages: German, English, Afrikaans, French



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